Strategy and organization


An essential aspect of any company is to define a suitable strategy in the setting where the company carries out its business, and linking the strategy to the organisational structure, the resources and capacities and the results of the company.

titWhere should our company be heading? How will we achieve it? How can we grow in a sustainable, profitable manner? How can our strategy be linked to the results? How can we measure and check the achievement of strategic goals? Is our organisational structure suitable?

These are key questions any company director should consider raising and the answer to them is not always simple. We at Asignia will help you find the answer and implement it:

puntoStrategic pre-diagnosis

puntoStrategic management and planning

puntoStrategic plans for sustained, profitable growth

puntoBusiness and viability plans

puntoComprehensive scorecard

puntoPlans for restructuring and improvement of the income statement

puntoOrganisational architecture design (OAD)

puntoParticipation on Boards of Directors and Managerial Boards

If the structure does not follow the strategy the result will be inefficiency. We at Asignia seek to help our clients lay the foundations for a clear corporate strategy, setting its course and goals.


“Never walk on the travelled path because it only leads where others have been

Alexander Graham Bell