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titWhat is the value of a business? What is the best investment option? How can the value of a business be raised? Do we run the risk of impairing the purchase value of a company? How can we minimise these risks? What is the best strategy to follow? What value do the investments we make produce?

In order to answer these questions accurately, the Asignia Corporate Finance team provides highly specialist strategic and financial counselling by means of the following services:

puntoCounselling on mergers, acquisitions and purchases and sales of companies.

puntoSearch for industrial partners

puntoSearch for financial partners.

puntoCounselling for venture capital funds and financial investors, etc.

puntoSearch for funding.

puntoPreparation of business and viability plans.

puntoCompany appraisal.

puntoValue creation strategies for shareholders.

puntoDue diligence.

puntoLeveraged buyouts and buyins (LBOs, MBOs, MBIs, etc.).

puntoCounselling on management and funding of infrastructure and projects

The Asignia team is formed by professionals with certified qualification in managing investments and divestitures along with valued professional experience in a host of sectors.


“When you have to be led by your heart, it is better to be led by your head.”

Enrique Jardiel Poncela