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pinAsignia is a company with a wealth of experience in strategic counselling, restructuring and investment banking serving a wide range of clients ranging from family companies to financial and investment institutions, and multinational corporations. Asignia flourished from the expertise of a group of professionals with an extensive track record in managing companies, where each professional specialises in a particular sector.
Asignia’s inception took place from a local approach, although it has a major global calling. The company has set up offices in Madrid and Barcelona, and has even extended to London, Mexico and Turkey.

Moreover, the company has been notably present for major dealings in Latin America and the USA. Asignia’s calling is to advise clients by providing them with innovative solutions founded in the broad experience of its team to maximise and generate value for our clients.

Ask for a second opinion free of charge

If you would like a second opinion free of charge in relation to a prior report on the situation of your company (analysis, appraisal, markets, internationalisation, technology, etc…), please attach your request.

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